Today’s electronic displays are commonly based on LCD (liquid crystal display) and OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology. Whilst these provide us with colourful displays for a diverse range of applications, these technologies are not without their limitations. They are power hungry and offer a poor reading experience in bright outdoor conditions. Reflective display technology doesn't emit light; it reflects it.

SRD® technology can be read as easily as paper in sunlight and does not use a power-hungry backlight. There are multiple applications for the technology:
SRD® technology offers unique opportunities to ‘display anywhere’ in the future.
SRD® technology can enable low power secondary displays on phone covers or a full-colour and video-capable eReader.
SRD® technology can enable a low-power display of vivid colours that doesn’t look washed out in bright conditions.
SRD® technology offers designers of wearables unique design opportunities.

Electronic shelf-edge labelling (ESL) is changing the nature of retailing.

As well as electronic displays, Bodle’s ultra-thin coloured films can be used to create unique colour and light effects in security markings, labels and for product customization.