Ian Hendy

VP of Strategic Marketing

About Ian Hendy

Ian Hendy is the VP of Strategic Marketing at Bodle Technologies. A 20+ year veteran of the display industry, he started his display career with Philips and LG.Philips LCD (now LGD). 

He worked for 5 years as part of the Philips brain-trust that acquired and managed the Philips stake in LG.Philips LCD, as well as the $1bn MDS small panel business and related LCoS, PDP, OLED, STN and other display technologies. At Bodle, Ian leads the market strategy development and marketing for the company. He has an MBA in International Business from Columbia University.

Ian is also is CEO of Hendy Consulting Limited, advising many other clients on display strategy issues and has completed over 100 assignments for equipment players, display startups and materials companies.