Andrew Pauza joins the Bodle team

image Andrew Pauza

Bodle Technologies is pleased to announce the recent hire of Andrew Pauza in the role of VP of Materials and Engineering.  Andrew has over 30 years of experience in process optimisation, materials R&D and manufacturing covering the fields of rewritable optical discs and nanoscale data storage, flexible touch screens, chemical detection in industrial processes and medical devices for breath analysis. He has developed global company workflow systems to improve R&D productivity including technical reporting, trial recording and project management systems (among others). He strives to improve R&D quality and effectiveness through championing statistical thinking and problem solving using tools such as design of experiments, FMEA and other quality techniques that form the Six Sigma methodologies. He has managed and worked on research programs for and with partners such as Intel, IBM and ST Microelectronics. He has a PhD from the University of Cambridge and is also a Chartered Engineer with the IET. 

Welcome onboard, Andrew!