Speciality Coatings

As well as electronic displays, Bodle’s ultra-thin coloured films can be used to create unique colour and light effects in security markings, labels and for product customization.

The optical nano-cavity in Bodle’s films provides for unrivaled colour purity and repeatability. The colour desired is simply designed by tuning the thickness of the layers in the film. Incredibly, the same materials can be used for all colours.

A laser can be used to selectively switch regions of the PCM layer in the film, creating secondary and even tertiary colours.

Features of Bodle’s speciality films:

  • Wide range of substrates, including flexible films
  • Extreme colour effects compared to pigments and dyes
  • Multiple colours obtainable using a single, continuous film and a single addressing laser
  • Rapid colour switching using a laser - reversible if desired (see below)
  • Compatible with laser diodes. No need for expensive laser heads

Bodle has granted patents on this technology and can offer product sampling according to your requirements. Please contact us for more information.