Bodle Technologies presents at this year's virtual edition of Display Week 2021

SID 2021 image

Bodle Technologies presents new and improved optical architecture on SRD® thin-film optical stacks at Display Week 2021

Oxford, UK – May 2021

Bodle Technologies, developer of the world’s first solid-state reflective display (SRD®) technology, is excited to present a much-anticipated paper at this year’s virtual edition of Display Week, which begins on Monday, May 17, 2021.

Pei Hosseini, co-founder and CEO of Bodle, presents the paper “Shutter-less full colour Solid-State Reflective Display (SRD®)”.

The pre-recorded presentation will demonstrate for the first time an entirely new and improved optical architecture capable of displaying high-brightness, fully-bistable, RGB colours with additional black and white, using only simple and efficient SRD® thin-film optical stacks.

This work carried out by Bodle has successfully validated the possibility of obtaining a simplified and improved optical architecture, specifically designed for full-colour, video capable and bistable SRD® displays.

The presentation is scheduled to be published to registered attendees at 9pm PDT on Thursday May 20 (4am BST, Friday May 21). Hosseini will then be available for a live Q&A on Friday May 21, at 2-3pm Japan time (6am BST) and at 2-3pm PDT (10pm BST) through the virtual event platform. The presentation will be available to view to registered users until September 15, 2021.