About Us

Bodle Technologies was founded in 2015 and is located in the historic city of Oxford, we also have operations in Taiwan.

Our core technology is centred on the creation and manipulation of colour reflected off a surface by changing the refractive index of ultra-thin functional layers. This elegant, yet highly enabling piece of engineering was first discovered, and developed at Oxford University and first published in Nature in 2014 by two of our co-founders, Prof Harish Bhaskaran and Dr Peiman Hosseini. Read here

All IP generated by Prof Bhaskaran's research group on this new opto-electronic framework has been exclusively licensed to Bodle Technologies. Much of this patent portfolio has been granted in multiple jurisdictions. The University research group continues to push forward the frontiers of this field, with regular generation of new IP and academic publications.

Bodle Technologies is now partnering with leading manufacturers to deploy our technology for use in multiple applications.

We believe our technology is world-class and our ambitions are high. Backed by leading investors we aim to be one of the most innovative firms in the world, operating in multiple markets.