Mike Clary

Board Advisor

About Mike Clary

Mike was previously the CEO of Heliotrope Technologies, a smart window company using electrochromic technology, and was also the founding CEO of GMZ Energy, Inc., a thermoelectric materials company, and Solasta, Inc., an advanced solar cell company.  Both GMZ and Solasta were funded by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), where Clary served as Executive in Residence.  At KPCB, Clary’s role included examining new investments and developing new business opportunities in clean energy technologies and working closely with KPCB partner Bill Joy. Previously, Clary was an executive at Sun Microsystems, Inc.  During his tenure at Sun, he led the licensing and adoption of the revolutionary Internet technology, Java, developed networking technologies, as well as network storage products. Clary served as vice president of research at Aspen Smallworks, a specialized Sun Microsystems’ research lab, vice president of Global Software Sales and Services, as well as vice president, general manager of Consumer Technologies. Clary holds an MBA from University of Southern California and B.A. in Economics from U.C. Davis.