Our daily life has numerous interactions with electronically displayed information and images; on smartphones, laptops, TVs and many more devices. The average person already spends more time using electronic devices than sleeping.

Soon we will add the routine use of even more electronic displays - on wearables, IoT devices, AR glasses and other emerging technologies.

Bodle’s SRD® display technology is perfect for a more efficient, more natural viewing experience in this connected world increasingly dominated by displays. A ‘paper-like’ display technology that communicates with us more effectively and that rests our eyes from the current dominance of intense backlit and emissive displays like LCD and OLED.

Enabling a display of vivid colours that doesn’t look washed out in bright outdoor conditions. An energy efficient technology that is unconstrained by hard-wired mains power or excessive battery drain, freeing us from the daily grind of device charging….even acting in no-energy mode for the ultimate ambient, glanceable displays working quietly in the background.

A display technology unrestricted by form factor. For making currently static displays more productive. A display ‘anywhere’ technology.

Refrigerator with Smart Display on Door