Bodle Technologies welcomes two highly respected and experienced scientific experts to its Technical Advisory Board

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Bodle Technologies welcomes two highly respected and experienced scientific experts to its Technical Advisory Board, with a view towards ensuring Bodle’s long-term growth through continuous innovation:


Noboru Yamada led the development of the world’s first DVDs and Blu-ray discs during his time at Panasonic. He invented a new class of phase-change alloys, GeTe-Sb2Te3 (GST) and GeTe-Bi2Te3 (GBT) that are now the backbone of rewritable DVDs, Blu-Ray Discs and electrical phase-change memory devices. Highly respected is his field, he is also an author/co-author of more than 100 scientific papers and more than 700 patents. In 2018 Dr Yamada was inducted into the Panasonic Technology Hall of Fame. Noboru Yamada commented "Bodle's applications of phase change materials for reflective display has rekindled this field and I am delighted to help contribute to helping this technology sustain over the coming decades."

C. David Wright is Professor of Electronics Engineering at the University of Exeter. He has a distinguished career in the design and development of future generation, non-volatile, memory technologies particularly in Phase Change Memories, authoring over 300 journal and conference papers. He worked with GEC-Plessey, Phillips Electronics and Plasmon Data Systems developing some of the first generations of phase-change optical disk systems, and with companies such as IBM, ST Microelectronics and Leti in the development of electrical phase-change devices. He is co-author on the original Nature paper that introduced reflective displays using phase change materials. C. David Wright commented "I am thrilled to be able to influence another key technology in consumer electronics, one with potentially greater market penetration than perhaps even optical storage."


Academic founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Harish Bhaskaran commented "Peiman Hosseini (CTO) and I cannot imagine better experts joining our Technical Advisory Board. Yamada-san and David have a world-leading profile, highly relevant experience, and stature as two of the world’s top experts in the field. This will significantly enhance Bodle's development efforts."